To fully exploit our ultra rigid chassis, we needed to design a state-of-the-art driver that is ultra-lightweight, ultra-fast and rigid driver. The combination of both lightness and rigidity gives us a smooth and wide bandwidth response curve, along with stunningly quick impulse response.

The difference with our product is that we truly believe in the use of a dynamic transducer.  The matured state of the dynamic driver used in audiophile grade sound re-production is a testament to the longevity and practical benefits of it. The use of a single driver frees us from increasingly complicated cross over designs that can have phase problems which ultimately lead to problems in coherency.  In home loudspeakers, there is ample space for the design and use of premium parts in the crossover to ensure that the sound quality is top notch.  Such parts have not yet trickled down to their miniature counterparts.  As such, the required use of these components is often sourced from those used in other non audiophile related industries.  In our opinion, this results in unnecessary compromises that cannot be tolerated.   Rather than follow market trends, we would prefer to follow our “elegant simplicity, ultimate purity” design philosophy. Only by using a single dynamic driver which does not require a crossover,  we achieve a very precise, and coherent sound that we feel is true to the music.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” Albert Einstein