One of the largest contributor to poor sound is the resonances caused by the chassis. Most of the time the use of plastics is the root cause of such colorations. The problem with plastics is that most of the time it likes to add its own sound to the music, especially in the all critical mid-range whereby the chassis sings along with the driver. The only way to avoid such coloration was for us to over engineer the chassis. Every part of our chassis from our Answer series is meticulously milled and turned on modern multi-axis CNC machines from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum. Only by going to such extreme manufacturing processes could we produce a chassis with virtually no discernible colorations, minimum resonances and maximum dynamics.  

In almost every major speaker review published, there will be some reference to box colorations.  This is a critical part of box speaker designs and it is an area that we feel is vastly overlooked in modern earphone designs.  Much of our R&D budget and development time was spent on this area because we wanted to eliminate any chassis induced colorations that occurs in traditionally built earphones.

Our chassis design also places the center of gravity a lot closer to the ear, this helps to achieve a better seal for greater performance.

Countless amount of hours went into ensuring that the ergonomics, design, fit and finish of the earpieces live up to the total “Dita Experience” quality.