To us, every cable has a unique sonic signature as well as certain physical properties. Sometimes a good sounding cable would end up having horrible physical properties e.g. cable-born mechanical noise, weak tensile strength, stiff, easily tangled etc. After numerous experimentation, we ended up with some extraordinary cables… introducing… The Fat Cable and The Truth.
The Fat Cable was design with the following characteristics in mind;

  • To be as transparent sounding as possible
  • Low cable-born noise
  • Flexible yet durable
  • Resistant to adverse weather
  • Tangle free

The development of The Fat Cable, was one of the particularly problematic areas of the entire design process.  There are many aspects to be considered when developing an ideal cable for use in earphones.  The very nature of their use is entrenched in portability.  In addition to the sound qualities, the cable must be pliable, flexible, durable and manageable during the manufacturing process.  This means that every change in the cable diameter, jacket material composition and conductor weave could result in a dramatic change to any of the characteristics mentioned above.  Even the color of the dye used could affect these parameters.  In traditional home audio applications, such fanatical attention to construction methods can be relegated to the back burner, but in portable devices it is tantamount to the building of a quality product.  It is such meticulous attention to finite details that separates us from the competition.

The Truth cable is the end result of the collaboration between Dita Audio and Van den Hul. Our brief to Mr A.J. Van den Hul (owner & designer) was very simple… build us the very best cable possible. Using over 3 decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology in metallurgy, a cable of such sonic purity was created that we couldn’t call it by any other name but The Truth…
We also decided not to use removable cable connectors as doing so would mean more joints and reliability issues.

All joins are soldered with Van den Hul Lead-free Silver solder for best sound.

Being so proud of the The Truth, we felt that it would be too selfish not to share this cable with the rest of the Audio community. As such, we will be offering The Truth as an aftermarket replacement cable for certain models of earphones & headphones in our online store.

The Truth will set your music free…